Player Characters

Aewenel – Elf with a falcon

Bavolio – human with bardiche and attitude (deceased)

Del – Dwarf with a greatsword

Enialis “Cecil” – elf with a gift for magic and conversation

Rygh – half-orc with gruesome tattoos.

The World

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Places of interest (in Sandpoint)

*Glassworks – the place where Lonjiku works.
*Graveyard – we found a mausoleum that had been desecrated, Father Tobin’s bones stolen, and two skeletons risen (which we defeated.) We also found tracks that led into the woods.

  • Great Light – The ruins of an old lighthouse. In an enlightening conversation between Del and the sage, we learned that with its ancient dwarfish craftsmanship, combined with magic, it may have been more than just a guiding light, it may have been a weapon. The sage also told us there is another similar lighthouse in Magnimar.
    *Kaijitsu Manor – The home of Lonjiku and his family. We visited there, looking for Lonjiku (and for clues), but did not enter.


  • Ameiko Kaijitsu – proprietor at the [[:Rusty Dragon]], daughter of Lonjiku.
  • [[:Father Tobin]] – Former Sandpoint priest, who was killed in the church fire and interred in Sandpoint. His remains were recently stolen.
  • Father Xantus – current Sandpoint priest.
  • Gorvi – Sandpoint’s garbage man, a half-orc who has been helpful with basic information about the town.
  • Lonjiku Kaijitsu – proprietor at the Glassworks, father of Ameiko and Tsuto. His wife died mysteriously, falling to her death around the time of the fire.
  • Nualia – [[:Father Tobin | Father Tobin’s]] adopted daughter. A beautiful girl believed of Celestial descent. She was presumed to have been killed in the fire church fire, but her body was never found.
  • Risa – Proprietor of the (_____?) other bar in Sandpoint.
  • Sherriff Belor – Sherriff of Sandpoint, who is currently holding a captive goblin for us.
  • Tsuto – illegitimate son of Lonjiku. He disappeared around the time of the church fire. People tell us he had a lot of enemies, and we suspect he may be involved in the current troubles, but we have not yet seen him.

Rise of the Rune Lords

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