Rise of the Rune Lords


PC’s Present: Bavolio, Aewenel, Del, Cecil, Rygh

After conversing with Aldern Foxglove, Rygh found tracks that led into the woods — goblin and human tracks. We interrogated the goblin prisoner, who proved less than helpful. Then, we began to ask questions around town about anyone who was missing from the Swallowtail Festival, or anyone who might have a motive to betray the town.

During this investigation, we learned that Lonjiku Kaijitsu has been sick (according to his daughter Ameiko), and that he was not present at the festival (but this was fairly normal. We discovered the existence of Tsuto, the bastard child of Lonjiku’s wife and an elf; and Nualia, Father Tobin’s adopted daughter. We also learned that, around the same time as the fire, there was an eccentric woodcarver turned serial killer who lived on an island (Chopper’s Isle).

At Sherrif Belor’s request we entered the graveyard, where we found goblin and human tracks again. Father Tobin’s remains had been stolen from his mausoleum. A pair of feral skeletons awaited us, which we defeated thanks to their aversion to sunlight. Cecil found a discarded robe of bones, which may have created the skeletons, and was most likely left by whoever stole the remains.

After spending the day making a circuit of Sandpoint, we visited the glassworks (where Cecil commissioned Lonjiku to make him a pretty sweet glass dragon holding a gem in its claw), Lonjiku Manor (no one answered), the Old Light (where we talked at length with the sage). Finally, we left the town to follow tracks through the woods. Rygh followed the tracks (but was unable to spot human footprints), and we were ambushed by goblins, who proved to be outnumbered and outclassed.

Treasure & XP

  • Party treasure: Looted from goblins in the woods: 6 gp 5 sp (split 1 gp 3 sp, assuming we can easily find a banker). One goblin wore a medallion.
  • XP: 528 for each PC involved (including Rygh, who didn’t miss much during the first 20 minutes aside from a screaming goblin). The breakdown is 800 for the feral skeletons, 740 for the goblin scouts, and 1100 in story bonuses for sussing out some of Sandpoint’s darker history.

Loose ends and questions:

  • We have a goblin tied up in Sandpoint jail. (Set him free and see if he leads us back to his longshanks master?)
  • Visit Chopper’s Isle (during the day, please).
  • What happened to Tsuto? He seems to be our prime suspect in the current troubles, but no one has seen him in years. Is he back? Is he the one making footprints with the goblins?
  • Why steal Father Tobin’s remains? Why?
  • What happened to Nualia? Did she die in the fire, or did she escape?


I made a couple minor corrections. Tsuto is not Lonjiku’s son. “The Chopper” was a woodcarver, not a cheese maker. You also found a medallion with a seven-pointed insignia on one of goblins in the forest.

JakeHartman JakeHartman

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