Rise of the Rune Lords

Swallowtail festival

PCs present
Rygh, Bavolio, Aewenel (& Thuriel), Joetheral, & Cecil


We found ourselves in Sandpoint during the Swallowtail. After a few conversations and tests of bravado, and after the releasing of the butterflies, the town was overrun by goblin raiders. A small group of outcasts defended the town, and followed their stench to an open gate in the town’s northern wall. Who was mad enough, or evil enough — or both — to let those goblins invade the city? After leaving the city gates, another goblin raid party attacked us. This time, some of them rode their mangy dogs. We found more tracks that led into the forest.

We took one goblin prisoner, who is now resting the Sandpoint jail.
Outside the gate a nobleman, Aldern Foxglove, invited us to go hunting with him.


  • Good role-playing! Seems like you guys got into the Swallowtail festivities pretty well.
  • Lots of dead goblins, and one unconscious/stunned/blinded one.

480 XP each for the present PCs. I will probably start breaking down XP awards on a PC-by-PC basis at some point, but not yet. I plan to use the medium advancement track. No treasure found so far, unless you fancy badly hewn weapons and size-small codpieces made from animal skulls. That said, you only searched a couple of the goblins.

Loose ends

  • A cloyingly thankful Aldern Foxglove has invited you (especially the elven ladies) to join him for a boar hunt.
  • One live goblin, tied up.


JakeHartman geekomancer

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